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Music is Cool: Zoe Young and Among Savages

In the span of the last 5 minutes, I just listened to two of my new favorite songs. The kind that make you want to just sit by a computer on loop for the rest of the day.

First up is a new song by Zoe Young, a lovely young pop-punk type songstress from Scotland who I’ve been following on Youtube for years. She has a great new track out called “Need You Right Now.” It’s a hypnotic, droning, INXS-by-way-of-The-Beta-Band bit of post-punk that just hooks you. Take a listen:

After that is a great track I just found by a band called Among Savages. I’ll admit I got it from another music post on arguably one of the best blogs out there (Nerdist.com!) The “Music Geek Track Of The Week” series is phenomenal and one that I highly recommend to anyone. But anyway, the song is called “New York” and it reminds me a bit of Seattle hometown heroes Hey Marseilles. There is the same swinging sea-shanty vibe to these guys that you see a lot amongst neo-folk bands nowadays. But it is so infectious and joy-laden that it’s hard for me to listen without a smile on my face. See for yourself!

Also, I want to lead all of you few who read this to the original post where I got the song. Like I said, everyone should follow the Music Geek Track Of The Week series, and if you’re at all interested in nerdy things like I am, then you should check out the rest of the Nerdist.com site.


-Andrew W.

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